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V-Ray Professional Training

A well-designed course package for V-Ray learners.

 V-Ray Professional Training gives you a solid professional workflow through theoretical and practical training. You will be able to achieve pro-level rendering and reach your highest level of improvement through this course.

- 01

Perfect Modeling

Only perfect modeling can derive satisfactory outputs. Create best-in-class procedural edge modeling details with simple and precise tools with its standard dimension.

- 02

Light Balance

How to structure the lighting and give it a specific hierarchy. Primary, Secondary, Fill and Accents lights are the components we need to manage and harmonize to achieve the best possible effect. This type of approach will help us create “modeling” light, which is the real purpose of the light balance.

- 03

Material Creation

How to create a basic material and how to handle translucency and layered materials. It’s not always necessary to build overly complex materials to get a good result. Instead, We should try to obtain the best possible outcome by working on the aspects that makes difference, while maintaining complete control over the finished material.

- 04

Final Render

Several typical “photographic tips” for exteriors and interiors. Some technical advice for dealing with frequently encountered difficulties in these kind of renders. Some fun by looking at some little tricks that can help make your workflow smoother.

- 05


Some insights regarding the architectural visualization post production process in Photoshop based on a rendering.